A Cluster Story – Part 2: SSI, Mosix and future enhancements

As said at the end of the first part. in this one we’re gonna see how the cluster story ended for now and how I plan to modify it in the future (software speaking).


We looked how SSI Clusters work on Wikipedia. On the same page, there’s a nice and quite update list of SSI Cluster solution with relative features.



Reading that, I decided that OpenSSI or Kerrighed were the best solutions for our problem. Unfortunately enough, their development ended almost ten years ago. the only SSI Cluster solution that it’s still being developed is MOSIX, so I decided to go for it.

After CentOS with Rocks Cluster, I installed again Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS on all the servers. After that, I followed this tutorial on youtube to set up the cluster with Mosix.

Unfortunately enough (again), MOSIX can’t be used for some of my needs, like building Android Custom ROMS, due to unsupported system calls. To avoid this, the plan is to virtualize a Kerrighed environment, and then built a Virtual Machine that uses all the kerrighed pros on top of it. This can be quite heavy in terms of performances, but I want to give it a try.

Another upgrade I want to do consists in adding the possibility to turn the whole cluster on remotely. This can be done using a Raspberry Pi B I have lying around and connecting its GPIOs to the motherboards, then writing a little python script to use them to simulate a motherboard power button.


For now, that’s all, I’ll keep you updated on the progress of the project

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