Dimensional Adventures Mod WIKI

Here is the guide to the DimensionalAdventures minecraft mod. Since the mod is made of 8 different dimensions and various secondary blocks and items (used to access the dimensions or to make the player more powerful), the guide will be devided by categories.

The Ghost Dimension, the Ice Dimension and the Fire Dimension are the three base dimension: without them, you can’t enter into the others ones.


– Ores

– Tools, armors and weapons

– Clear Glass

– Explosives

– The mana system


– Ghost dimension

– Ice dimension

– Fire dimension


– Snow land dimension

– Light dimension

– Cloud dimension

– Final Dimension

– Chaos dimension



This mods adds three new ores: ruby, platinum and lead

Ruby and platinum can be found from level 1 up to level 12 of the world, and they’re particullary rare. The can be found in aggregates of ores They both must be broken with a diamond pickaxe to drop their gems.
Ruby is a bit rares the platinum. When it gets broken it will drop a ruby gem. Is the pickaxe in enchanted with the “fortune” enchantment, it will drop more than one gem, with the same probabilities of a diamond.
If the pickaxe is enchanted with “silk touch” enchantment it will drop the ruby ore block, that can be cooked in a furnace to obtain the ruby gem. Or it can be placed again as the ore block.

Breaking a platinum ore block will result to drop itself. Platinum ore can be cooked in a furnace to obtain a platinum ingot.

Lead can be found from level 1 up to level 58 of the world. It will drop itself when broken. It can be cooked in a furncace to obtain a lead ingot.
Nine gems/ingot can be used to craft the ores blocks.

The three compressed blocks can be uncrafted and obtain the nine gems/ingots back.

Weapons, Armors and Tools

Once you have the gems and the ingots from the ores, you can use them to craft weapons, tools and armors.
Crafting are the same of the vanilla ones. For example, if you want to craft a ruby or a platinum pickaxe, you can use the same crafting recipe as an iron pickaxe, but using ruby or platinum ingot instead of iron. Same thing for the other armors, weapons or tools
Each tools has an efficiency factor of 10, double of the diamond tools. Each armor has a protection factor double of the diamond armor

The mods also adds a distance weapon: a gun, that shoots bullets made of lead. The gun shoots like a bow, and when it shoots it make the sound of a little explosion.

Clear Glass

In the mod there’s a block, using for aesthetic purpose, but also used to access the ghost dimension. It’s the clear glass.

It can be obtained by cooking a glass block in a furnace. It has a 1/2 possibility to drop a glass shard when broken. When broken with a silk touch pickaxe it doesn’t drop any glass shard but it drops itself.

If you find any bug or glitch in the mod, please report it in the comments (with the error log when possible) or write an email to emamaker0@gmail.com with object “DimensionalAdventures bug/glitch report”


The mod includes also some new explosives, like the Snow TNT, that can be found as a block, or as a single candle, throwable from the inventory. It’s also possible to craft the vanilla TNT Candle

To craft the snow TNT  it just needs to sorround with some snow the vanilla TNT. Same thing to make the snow TNT candlefrom the tnt candle.

It’s possible to reverse the process by cooking in the furnace the snow version of the items.
You can also use the candles to craft the blocks and reverse.


The Mana System

The mod has a sort of “magic” points system, called mana. The mana is automatically increased by 0.01 for each tick of the game (in every second there are max. 10 game ticks). The max you can store it’s 250.

Each “magic” object of the mod consumes some mana

  1. Ghost Crown consume 0.1 each tick you wear it,
  2. The Wings consumes 0.2 each tick you wear it,
  3. Light sword consumes 0.5 each time is used
  4. Final boss’ sword consumes 10 each time is used
  5. Chaos boss’ sword consumes 12 each tick

Ghost Dimension

The Ghost dimension is the first of the three base dimension. As said before, clear glass as a main role to enter it: the Ghost Block needs clear glass and glass shards to be crafted.
Ghost Block is used to create the portal and the Ghost Igniter
As portal structure, the nether portal one is used. To active it, you just need to click with the Ghost Igniteron one of the two block of the base.

The mod structure is similar to the overworld oneFrom the top: Ghost GrassGhost Dirtand Ghost Stone.

Ghost Grass will drop Ghost DirtGhost Stone will drop Ghost Cobblestone

Al those blocks, if broken with a silk touch enchanted pickaxe, will drop their original block.

Used in blocks of 4 in a crafting table,

Ghost Stone is used to craft some Ghost Stone Bricks. As their vanilla matches, they have some Mossy (with vines in a crafting table) and Cracked (cooked in a furnace) variants.
Some entities are present in the dimension: six types of ghosts (three males and three females). When killed, they have a 1/20 chance to drop you some ectoplasm
You can also find two types of structure in the mod:
  1. A small tower, quite common, containing various types of treasures,
  2. A huge dome structures, containing the Ghost King Summoner.

The Ghost King Summoner is activated by three ectoplasmsand then it will summoner the Ghost King (inspired from Re Boo, from Supermario games, by Nintendo).

The Ghost King will attack you with fireballs, becoming invisible or giving you the blindness effect.
When killed, it will drop its crown. When wore as and armor helmet it will make yourself invisible and mobs won’t attack you. Players neither will see you, so they can’t attack.

Ice Dimension

The second base dimension is the Ice Dimension. The portal is the same of the nether one, but with packed ice instead od obsidian and it’s activated by using the Ice Igniter su uno dei due blocchi della base.

The first two layers of the dimension are made of ice grass and ice dirt. The third one is made of packed ice .
You can find four types of entities.
  1. Snowmen
  2. Ice skeleton (mod feature, 1/13 possibility to drop an ice shard)
  3. Polar Bear
  4. Strays

You will find also twp types of structures in the dimension:

  1. A small chalet, with various types of treasures
  2. A huge snownman, with the Ice Princess summoner
Ice Princess summoner is activated by three ice shards and then it summons the Ice Princess.
Ice Princess holds an Ice staff (consumes 2 mana every time is used) and shoots a bullet that immobilizes you for 10 seconds
When killed, Ice Princess drops the Ice staffIt acts like a normal bow: just right click on your mouse and release when you want to shoot.

Fire Dimension

Third base dimension is the fire one: it has the most complete generation: the first layer is made of netherrack,  with some nether bricks, soul sandand magma blocks. There are also some lava lakes. The dimension has two different biomes: a fire biome, mostly plain, and a volcano biome, with super-high mountains.. The underground layer of the dimension is made of magma blocks and nether wart block.

The portal is made using the red nether bricksand clicking with the Fire igniter on the blocks of the base.
You can find different creatures in the dimension:
  1. Zombie pigmen
  2. Wither skeletons
  3. Skeletons
  4. Magma cubes
  5. Magma Balls
Magma balls are entities added by the mod. They melee attack and have a 1/13 chance to drop a magma shardwhen killed.
There are two types of structures in the dimension:
  1. A small tower with different type of treasures
  2. A huge volcano, containing the Magma Boss summoner
The Magma Boss summoner is activated by three magma shards and then it will summon the Magma Ball Boss.
The boss will attack you in different ways: melee, he will set you on fire and it will summon different mobs to attack you. It drops some fire boots when killed. When wore, fire boots set on fire the ground around the player and give the player fire resistance effect. They consume 0.2 mana per tick.

Snow Land Dimension

This dimension is based on the ice dimension. Using ice shards you will be able to create an iced snow block and the snowland igniter.

This dimension has four different biomes: the ice plains, the ice mountain, the ice spikes plains (vanilla biomes) and the snowland (added by the mod)
You can find different types of creatures in the dimension:
  1. In vanilla biomes you can find any tipe of vanilla mod (skeletons, zombies, creepers…)
  2. In the snowland biome you can find some snow explosive skeletons, that will explode when killed and drop some snow tnt candles with a 1/13 chance.

You can find two types of structures in the mod:
  1. A chalet containing different types of treasures, same as the one in the ice dimension
  2. A “small” strucutre made of stone bricks  that contains the snowland boss summoner

The snowland boss summoner  is activated by three snow tnt candlesand it will summon the snow land boss.  He holds a tnt bow that shoots some tnt arrows that explodes when hits the terrain. The snow land boss drops his tnt bow  when killed. You can craft the tnt arrows
 with an arrow and a tnt.

Light Dimension

The light dimension descends from the ghost dimension. The ghosts’ ectoplasm is mixed with some glowstone to craft the light ectoplasmused to craft the light ectoplasm block (used to make the portal), and the light igniter.  To turn on the portal, just click with light igniter
 on the blocks of the base.
The dimension is made of different islands of grass or end stone.
There are some endermen and clouds acced by the mod.
There are some types of structures
  1. An house on a cloud, containg various types of treasures
  2. An altar with the light boss summoneractivated by three light ectoplasms and then it summons the light boss.
The Light Boss is a yellow villager. He will attack you giving you the blindness effect and summoning clouds and lightnings. When killed, he’ll drop a light sword and some shardsRight clicking with the light sword  will cause some lightning to be summoned and will consume mana.

Cloud Dimension

This dimension is based on almost all the precendent dimensions. To enter it, you first have to grind some cloud that can be found on the overworld. When broken, they will drop some cloud chunkswith a chance of 1/2. Using a silk touch pickaxe, you will have the cloud block.

Mixing those two elements in a crafting table you will obtain some air particle. Mixing  again some air particle with some clouds,  cloud chunksand some drops from the other dimensions to create the cloud portal block. Using that, you can craft the Cloud Igniterto turn the portal on.

To enter the dimension, just make a portal similar to the the nether with

the cloud portal block and activate it with the Cloud Igniter
In the dimension you can find big isles made of cloud and small isles made of grass.
There are endermen  and mod-added clouds in the dimension.
You can also find two different types of structures:
  1. An house on a cloud, same as the light dimension.
  2. An up-down-reversed pyramid, with the cloud boss summoner.
When activated by three air particles , the cloud boss summoner will summon the cloud boss. He will attack by knockbacking you backwards, closing you in cloud cages and summoning cloud that will attack you. When killed, it will drop a pair of wings. By wearing them as a chestplate, you will be able to fly as you were in creative mode.

Final Dimension

This dimension in where all the previuos ones are mixed together . To enter it you have to mix all they key objects from the other dimensions to make the final dimension portal and the final dimension igniter.
To enter the portal, just click on the base with the final dimension igniter.
In this dimension you can find any biome from the previous one, with a bonus one, contaning an altar, activated by the diamond block, and it summons the final boss.
This one is personified by herobrine and he holds a three-blade swordHe can melee attack you or it summons mobs from other dimensions. He has a 1000 point health.
When killed it will automatically add to your inventory his sword

 (keep at least one slot free or you will not get it). The sword does 42 points of damage and right-clicking with it will cause to summon some golems that will protect you, consuming 12 mana.

When died, he will teleport you in the chaos dimension.

Chaos Dimension

This is the only dimension that doesn’t have an access portal. To enter it, you must kill the final bossand you will get teleported in here.
This dimension is the same as the previous one, except for a biome: a completly black biome, a corrupted one. In this biome you can find a corrupted altar, with the chaos boss altar, activated by the final boss’ sword.
The boss is the corrupted version on the final bossHe can summon some protective golems, and all the mobs from the other dimensions, including the bosses (with very low chanches). He can melee attack or use any attack of the other bosses. When killed will drop his chaos sword, that does 100 points damage and right-clicking with it will cause some protective golems to be summoned and consume 12 mana. He can melee or use the attacks of other bossed.

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