MakerFaire 2017

The MakerFaire 2017 and out project

The December of 2017 started with a beatiful experience: I took part, with some other friends and our parents, to the MakerFaire 2017. We had our own stand and we showed to the big public of the Faire our project. What was is about? It’s called 3DPacRobotMan and it’s a real-life version of the Pac-Man game. Pac-Man is a videogame that came out in the ’80s and still today is very famous.

Our version uses new technologies to make a funnier and cooperative version of the game:
The field is all made of laser-cutted wood. Under the field there are loads of tinier and bigger shields to control the LEDs, that, using a Reed Sensor, act like the original game’s coins. There are five characters: one is the Pac-Man and the others are the ghosts. The ghosts have to catch the Pac-Man, that has to escape from them. If the ghosts catch the Pac-Man they win, otherwise is the Pac-Man to win. The robots are made using Arduino Uno modified Boards and remote controlled with Radio Frequences @2.4GHz.

A Raspberry Pi serial communicates with the field to let the players see the score, the highscore, and plays the game sounds (This part was made by me).

I’d like to precise that all the hardware and the software was made by us.
Everyone liked our game and it was beatiful to see people, from kids to parents and schools, have fun playing a game that was made by us, with so much effort.
Because it was our game.

3D Pac Robot Man on The MagPi

Do you know the Raspberry Pi? It’s a credit-card sized computer, that you can buy for just 35$. The Raspberry Pi as it’s official magazine, called “The MagPi”. I had the luck to speak with the Raspberry Pi Foundation guys at the MakerFaire 2017 and I told them about our project. They liked it and they published and article about our project in the Febbruary 2018 Issue of the MagPi. Down here there are the photos of the two pages about our project, but you can always download it for free at

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